Thursday, 31 January 2008

Hopefully something near set-in-stone....

I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed, but I'll live. I'll just be a few months behind in paying off my loan.... (I was initially ahead in my plan but oh well... can't do anything about it now)

So, GEOS called me today and here's what's going on:

I have training in Vancouver from March 31st to April 3 (...what happened to March 10th? *puppy eyes*)
April 4th I fly out of Vancouver and land in Narita airport on the 5th.

I won't be going to Tokyo, but fairly close actually. The prefecture is Chiba, city of Urayasu. I couldn't tell you how big it is, but if memory serves, it butts right up to Tokyo right on the water (Chiba does) so I'm going to imagine it's fairly populated.

I have the option of sharing a hotel with 2 other girls for the week, which takes the corporate rate of $70/night down a lot... but I don't know how well I'd handle that. Right now is a bad time for me to think of stuff like that because my head's pretty wonky at the moment. I was looking at hostels with private rooms. If I can get one for cheeper, I might go with that. At least I've heard Vancouver has a good public transportation system. We'll see what I can dig up.

Anyway, I'm happy that I know. I'm a little disappointed in the results, but at least I'm going and at least it's not Aomori or some backwater town in Hokkaido or Kyuushuu or somewhere I want to visit but never live. And now I have a date, and hopefully my boss won't be too disappointed... after all it's only 2 weeks before the end of tax season.

I can't believe this is taking so long. I really thought I'd be leaving in a week or two.....

Wednesday, 30 January 2008


God really does answer prayers in amazing, unbelievable, slightly awkward, shocking ways. I'm still, to be quite honest, partially in denail, and partially waiting for a really big catch. Thing is, my boss at the tax office sent me out shopping with his daughter to buy me clothes for work, knowing full well that there is a strong possibility I'm leaving in March sometime. About $200 later, I have two more suits, gorgeous shirts, and two pair of shoes. Let's rewind.

Earlier this week, Gloria, the office manager, approached me and said "You know how Fred is, right? He's just a really nice guy." Yeah, I agreed. He seems very generous with his clients and just, yeah, a really nice guy. "Now, don't be offended. Okay?" .... o..k.... what did I do? "He noticed that you wear the same clothes here all the time. Now, he likes the way you dress, but he'd like to send you out with Veronica and buy you some more clothes for work."


I wasn't offended. I was really embarassed, especially after I had the time to think about it. I only have two blouses I was wearing, plus one funky fake-blouse-vest thing, and I tried to vary it by changing the pants around.... but I guess it is kinda noticable. Anyway, Gloria told me to accept it, even though they know they might loose me before tax season is over. She's been fussing over me ever since about what I should get and how she gets hand-me-downs from her friend (I think she could tell I was uncomfortable with it).

Now, I totally appreciate it so much more than I could ever write down in words. Because of him and this job I've gone from not being able to afford to get to my job in Japan to more ready than I thought I would be. I just can't express how thankful I am right now.

But I'm still waiting for the catch, even though everything is telling me there isn't one. This is the third time someone I barely know has done something monitarily huge for me.... I guess maybe because money is such a big deal for me because I don't have it.....

The Japanese trained in to me felt like I should be bowing. It seriously took a lot of will power to keep from doing so when I dropped Veronica off at the office. They were all so casual about it. His wife was there too and it was like.... just.... casual. It really surprised me. (Yes, I know bowing is completely inappropriate here, but to me it feels respectful and like a perfectly normal show of gratitude - had no trouble adjusting to that going to Japan... lot of trouble adjusting back to here.... wierd)

Anyway, it's late, and I'm exhausted, and I have a ten hour day tomorrow. But at least I'll be well dressed. Really hoping my feet survive the shoes..... mom's jealous of them. I think they'd look good on her. I hope she can find a pair in her size. They were clearance XP which makes them 10X better.

10 reasons I run every day

1. Endorphines = <3>
2. + 2 to Fort., negates critical failure
3. thirty minutes when nobody is coming near me for fear of B.O.
4. asthma my foot. Haven't touched my inhaler since 2006!
5. me and MSI, we need some alone time
6. how else can you burn a litre of soda's worth of calories in 30 minutes?
7. energy out = cleaner energy to burn later ^____^
8. sweating is surprisingly refreshing
9. never know when I'll need to be running from zombies
10. oh, and supposidly it'll help my cholesterol level later.......

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Good and Annoying

Annoying first: My "overnighted" transcripts took a week to get there. So departure is delayed for either March 10 or April. GRR!

Good: I got a brace for my knee so running doesn't hurt anymore!! Yay!

Saturday, 19 January 2008

So far this week

I'm actually pretty pleased with how most things have been going. I'm enjoying my new job, even though for now I have a ton of down-time just waiting for the phone to ring. But everyone in the office is really nice, and they're all being super patient with me learning how things go. For my credit, I don't think I'm doing at all bad. I got talked to today about being too polite and formal with the people in the office. o.O Ok.

I spent yesterday giggling over a book Chieko gave me for Christmas. ^__^ I guess they're making a movie about L (DeathNote)? Anyway, this book has a short story about L, a spin off of the DeathNote movies, and then a hand full of picutres of the actor who played him. That actor was perfect for L. Much love for him. He did wonderfully.

So, I think I'm going to start posting about random favorites for now, since I don't have much other interesting information. But not right now because I'm not at my own computer and I can't upload pictures from here. Bwaha.

Oh, and supposidly my transcripts were sent to GEOS on Wednesday. They're supposed to notify me when they arrive. I paid for overnight shipping.... so I'm a little irked that they're not there yet. I mean... Friday at the latest.. it's only Vancouver! But here's hoping for an early March departure.

Friday, 11 January 2008

A little more patience....

I'm really not so good at the whole patience when it comes to working with certain types of people (that was about as nice as I'm capable of wording it at the moment). Not only did it take pulling teeth to get the letter from the university saying I've graduated, there's no seal (I was told that over the phone) and apparently the signature is a stamp! Nobody told me that part. So that's a bust. I ordered offical post-graduation transcripts.... but those can take up to six weeks.... so February.... when I was just told I may be able to leave March 3rd GRRRR!

As soon as I get my diploma and transcript, there will be letters written. And I'll have free time. Why? Because they're sitting on their butts with an out-of-date system that wastes my "fees" money, farting around designing worthless letterhead and ordering signature stamps and delaying my getting a "real" job which, darn it, I earned!! Months ago!!

Very unhappy essie right now.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Breakfast, Lunch, and a Temp Job

We went to a strange little cafe for breakfast today in Norfolk. Charlie's Cafe.... it was yummy - I ate lunch. No breakfast foods for me :( It was cute inside though, and I ate a really good burger.

I also got a temporary job at a tax accountant's office as a receptionist. They still want me through April - actually the guy asked if there was a I way I could push GEOS to extend my departure until April........ I don't have insurance until I land in Japan, and GEOS pays more. I feel a little bad, because it's a family run place and his niece is the one who got me the interview, but I made it clear that I'll probably be leaving in the middle of March... so that's all I can do.

I'm sick. I caught whatever Dad and Anna have had, and my face feels like it's going to explode. I took a nap this afternoon and felt a little better, but I hate sleeping when I'm sick because i get really wacked-out dreams. I think dinner's soon... I wonder if I'll even taste it. Ah well, here's to heavy doses of Vitamin C and Airborne!

Monday, 7 January 2008

Promise for me

"We often suffer, but we are never crushed. Even when we don't know what to do, we never give up. In times of trouble, God is with us, and when we are knocked down, we get up again." 2 Corinthians 4:8-9

I had an interview with an income tax office for a receptionist on Friday. Angie got me in. I got the job, dependant on if I can stay for all of tax season. Friday I also found out that I probably won't be going to Japan in February - possibly by March, and a small chance it might be April. Needless to say, I had a very upsetting day. That and it was my last day to hang out with Fay unless by some miracle I can make it up to Winter Carnival with Ben. I spent a good while on the phone with my school and GEOS, but the letter my school sent might not be enough to get my visa. It's hard to accept that it's really out of my hands. I'm still working on being okay with that. But anyway, I called the tax office today to let them know of the possibilities, and I didn't get to talk to the head person, but I talked to the office manager, and she said that they'll probably call me later to bring me back in and I'll have the job. I'm hopeful.

I'm in Virigina right now. Ryan brought Rochelle and the boys over yesterday and spent the night. I enjoyed being with them, though I'm worried about the boys like crazy. Sometimes it's hard to keep my mouth closed. I had a nice talk with my brother... one that was very needed. I'm going to see them again Saturday for Derick's birthday party.

So for now, I'm trying not to worry about getting that job. It doesn't pay too much, but it's 40 hours and I only need a few hundred dollars more to cover all of my trip expenses and be comfortable my first month in Japan. I'm disappointed with the delay, but if I'm working full time, I'll be more okay with it I think.

Thursday, 3 January 2008


So, after finishing the 40 page preface and Chapter One of KLEAR's Integrated Korean, I've decided that each attempted learned language comes a lot easier than the last. Maybe it's because the grammar structure of Korean is so similar to Japanese. I'm having a good bit of trouble with the alphabet because the sounds of one letter change so much depending on what's next to it or where in the syllable it falls... or if it's (for example) p, puh, or buh. Kinda confusing, but I was surprised how quickly the alphabet came. I really only spent three or four days on it with some breaks in between.

The first chapter was mostly stuff I had picked up from TV or learned from different sites I was looking at, so that's partly why it went so fast (about an hour and a half with the review exercises). But the vocab is also sticking fairly well considering I glanced at it once, listened to the recordings, and then just did the exercises. Having some trouble with country names... cause they don't all make sense to me.

I'm excited though. I love learning new languages. I'm sure this one will be a good challenge, even if the first chapter was a breeze. Maybe once I get a good job I can take some conversation/language classes to suppliment my self-study... you know, so someone could feasably understand me when I talk.

I mailed off my introduction poster to GEOS yesterday. And the EMU auditor should have written my letter of graduation (but I'm calling her in the morning). I'm getting more excited now. I worked out a chunk of my loan stuff, and my personal payment plan is almost double what the minimum payment is, so that makes me happy. I'm thinking this is another lesson in patience, and I'm thinking I will try to stick out the full year simply for the sake of the bonus and reference, and to learn the full lesson in patience I think God is trying to teach me (again). (I'm really not a fan of these lessons, and I want them to be over, to tell you the truth.)

Job hunting tomorow, and then I'm off to Virginia for a week to visit my family. I need to find my old bag from highschool to see if I can shove my monster laptop in there.... It doesn't fit in my backpack (monster).

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Last bit of insurance usage

And here's to hoping I don't need any medical attention until I get in Japan. I get one more visit to the Podiatrist to check my foot in two weeks. I went yesterday and now have a hole the size of a nickle in my foot. The needle HURT!!! She put it in through the top of my foot and it felt like she was trying to jam a knitting needle through the sole of my foot right around an already sore area. GAH! Pain. T__T

Of course, she told me to stay off my foot yesterday and what did I do? I was either driving or moving around with shoes from the time I left the office until 2AM. Yeah, I'm an idiot. It really hurt last night. But I slept like a rock, which never happens. I wonder if injuries help you sleep better......

Anyway, happy New Year! I'm looking forward to it.