Saturday, 15 December 2007


At the same time I'm literally moving, I've moved my "travel blog" here. this thing

Honestly, I'm a fan of livejournal. I have a permanent account there for my personal blog (eheh... yeah... I know..... -_-;;), but I hardly updated my travel blog last year because I kept having to log out and log back in. So yeah... moved here.

I like the green layout. Definitely a fan. And I know my title is so witty. No need to tell me. (^o^)ゞ

So, a brief catch-up. I totally did NOT get the Amity job. I still fail to understand how you're supposed to teach a child English who has literally no foundation and NOT use their parent language. Uh-huh, yeah, no, but I did get the job with GEOS, and I hope posting that won't bite me in the butt later.

Actually I recieved an e-mail from GEOS just yesterday about a tentative placement and training schedule. Then I found out today that EMU doesn't begin confirming graduation awards until the 2nd of January, which means I'm not likely to get my proof of graduation needed for my visa until midway through. Still not sure how to properly motivate that office, but I've got several ideas (one of which includes begging my professors to post my grades before the end of this next week) that I'm going to try out. I'm so not giving up that easily. The tentative placement is in Edogawa, Tokyo. Hello! Not as good as Yokohama, but one heck of a lot better than Kyuushuu or Aomori.

So, that's my job for Monday. This weekend will be finishing up my last project (....which I haven't started yet (´д`)ノ ) and packing. I'm moving back to my mom's house either Monday night or Tuesday. Dentist on Thursday YUCK!!! Girl doctor on the 27th - more yuck!!! But I run out of insurance on the 1st of the year - which is why I really need my proof of graduation NOW! - so I have to cram all of these appointments into, well, now.

The two litre of Cherry Coke I had this afternoon still hasn't worn off.........

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