Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Just Visiting

I moved out of my apartment today. Well, not officially in the technical term. Actually it's a whole ordeal because of the way the school, well, stinks. (I'm being nice in my phrasing. I was ready to jump over the counter and beat the woman.) Ben picked me up, and Angie helped truck stuff down to his car. We got about, I'd say a little under half of my stuff. I had to throw away my desk, which I'm really bummed about because I really wanted to give it to my mom so she could use it for grad school.... but it was hopelessly broken. One of the side pannels fell while I was detatching it, unfortunately, that particular pannel was still attatched to two boards. It ripped away from the one entirely, an bent the crud out of the other locks. We went to Noodles & Co. after. It was tasty, but I think something had a touch of egg in it (something being either the nickle sized chunk of cookie I stole or the wan-ton).

I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to get back to my apartment to get the rest of my stuff and clean, but we'll see how that works out. I technically have until the 2nd of January, but the woman I wanted to punch was like "If the keys aren't on the counter Sunday, we're charging you a fee to change the lock." ............ They're getting a phone call tomorrow when I can make nasty faces and rude gestures to keep from yelling at her and beating things. I was proud of myself, I stayed calm and just left. Of course I started throwing things once I got inside my apartment, but I behaved in public. That's what counts. (I really really wanted to hit her!)

I'm not sure what's going to happen with the "inspection." The office closes Friday evening and doesn't open until January, so I had to sign a waiver saying they could inspect it without me there once I'm all moved out. The only problem I foresee is that I didn't find all of the damage within the two days they gave me to fill out the damage sheet. It's a really freaking old apartment! I'm going to clean it as best I can, but I'm nervous that they'll charge me for Mark (whoever he is) carving his name in the dresser and the holes worn in the screens and stuff like that. I'm hoping if I didn't notice it right away, neither will they. I don't mind paying for damage I did (but I didn't do any) except that the damage report goes through two departments before they mail me a letter saying I have a hold on my account. This hold on my account means I don't get my diploma. They can't do the inspection at least until January 2nd. (Though, in retrospect, them doing it this week wouldn't make a whole lot of difference anyway...) I'm hoping holding my diploma doesn't entail holding that letter that says "Congradulations, you've graduated!" because I really need that to send to GEOS to get my visa!!

So that brings me to now. It was a rather upsetting day, to say the least, but I survived, as always, and I have some people I need to apologize to for being snappy. It's wierd being here. I don't like it. This room isn't even mine anymore, and I fully understand why, but I still hate it. I lost my place now.... I don't have anywhere that's "mine" anymore, and I still can't get away because I still don't have transportation. I didn't really want mom to agree that I don't have my own place anymore, but she did. I know it's true, it just.... grr!! So I guess I'm supposed to consider this as visiting my parents' house for a few months. That's what my mom said anyway. If I think about it like that I don't want to cry as much, but I still don't like it. This used to be my room. It still has some of my old stuff in it, but it really kinda makes me feel like I'm in the guest bedroom at my grandparents' old house in Novi. It's got that too clean, nobody really lives in this room feel to it. Though I can still see the place where I punched a hole in the wall... hehe. And another spot where I almost did, but didn't break the drywall.

For the record, I'm a fan of the whole growing up thing, but some parts of it really suck. I got my "Congradulations" though. I can stop complaining.

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