Saturday, 15 December 2007

Clearing out the basement...

....or rather refraining from putting so much in it.

I'm a pack-rat. I keep things just because "Aw... that was fun," or "Hehe, that was entertaining." It doesn't matter how random, useless, or orld said thing is - I don't want to throw it away.

This caused a major problem when I came back from Japan in May. I sent about 6 boxes back to myself full of, well, mostly books and CDs but some really random stuff. While I was there, I found a few used CD stores and was so happy to finally be able to BUY the actual CDs of the bands that I like that I didn't bother worrying about what I was going to do with them when I got back. Same with books - a lot of comic books, and quite a few novels.

Well there are a few bands that, while I'm not taking the CDs back to Japan with me, I'm not getting rid of them. End of story. I looked everywhere to find some of them, and no. Not selling, not giving away, at least not at this point. Actually if I could I'd take them back to Japan simply because I enjoy listening to music on a CD player rather than through my computer or MP3 player, even though the sound is still decent. I guess I'm just a little not up-to-speed with that. And there are a few series of comic books that I'm keeping too, because I'll re-read them. Lindsey likes to remark on the fact that I'm a collector (previously collector-in-denial). This is true.

Unfortunately, pack-rat collector me already has several boxes in my mom and Gary's basement, and they've asked me to try to scale down what I leave behind. So last night I gathered all of the books, CDs, DVDs, and random stuff and made a list. I posted the list on my livejournal, and so far have sold three things. That's not bad considering some of these I've been trying to sell since the summer. (Another reason I hate to sell things is because, especially things I brought back from Japan, they were more expensive there AND I had to ship them back to myself. But they won't sell if they're priced even at what I bought them for.)

Anyway, I'm not too hopeful, but if I get enough money from selling all of this junk (again with the not too hopeful) maybe I can get myself the Sony e-book reader. $30 and counting! So not likely.

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